An authentic breath of fresh air…

It has now become a tradition at the PNMS to improve the quality of the English lessons through the use of a native speaker. Since October this year Christopher Wendt has been assigned to our school and has been doing a great job from the first day onwards.

From the 1st to the 4th forms the pupils seem to really love his well-prepared lesson, his American coolness and accent, and the opportunity he gives them to show and prove how well they can already speak English. Even the quietest and shyest ones readily answer his questions and are more than willing to engage in an interesting and authentic dialogue with him. For many pupils the fact of being able to speak with a native speaker seems to give more sense to the English lessons themselves and that is something which is quasi irreplaceable and also help legitimate the tests and assignments over the years. Thanks Chris for your commitment, your professionalism, and the very good and personal rapport you have with the kids.